-game GAME_NAME - Specify game to select in the Crew Chief
Example: [full path]\CrewChiefV4.exe -game RACE_ROOM
this will make RaceRoom the selected game in the Crew Chief.

Supported values:
• ACC (Assetto Corsa Competizione)
• AMS (Automobilista)
• ASR (ARCA Sim Racing)
• F1_2018, F1_2019, F1_2020, F1_2021
• GSC (Game Stock Car)
• GTR2
• RBR (Richard Burns Rally)
• RF1
• RF2 Note: 32 bit rFactor 2 is no longer supported and RF2_64BIT is not accepted now

This can be used in conjunction with the launch_[game] / [game]_launch_exe / [game]_launch_params and run_immediately Properties to set Crew Chief up to start the game selected in the app launch argument, and start its own process.

-profile profile file name- You can specify name of the profile to run at Crew Chief startup
Example: [full path]\CrewChiefV4.exe -profile "my favourite game my awesome profile"
this will load "my favourite game my awesome profile.json" profile when Crew Chief starts.

-cpu[1-8] - You can set the processor affinity for Crew Chief in Task Manager, but this will have to be done each time you start Crew Chief. Alternatively, you can start Crew Chief with an additional argument "-cpu1", "-cpu2", ... "-cpu8", like this:
Example: [full path]\CrewChiefV4.exe -cpu4
this will set the processor affinity to the 4th CPU in your system (usually referred to as CPU3 - they're zero-indexed).

-c_exit - Pass this switch to close the running Crew Chief instance.

-nodevicescan - Disable automatic active/disabled controller detection. Use this if you have issues with Crew Chief rescanning controllers all the time (caused by buggy device drivers).

-sound_test - Enables extra UI that helps sound pack creators testing sounds.

-skip_updates - disables the check for Crew Chief updates.

-debug - collects Crew Chief debug trace and turns on more log messages. For more info see "repro trace" in About/Reporting Issues

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